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The Team

We are a family owned business, run by an experienced husband and wife Certified Laser Technician team.



Licensed Esthetician | Cynosure Certified Laser Technician & Founder of Ag2G Tattoo Removal Studio

A Licensed Esthetician with over 18 years of experience in skin care & make up. I've worked for some of the most prestigious skin care companies such as Clarins, Christian Dior, Channel & Laparie. I'm also a professional Make up Artist with extensive experience working the Mercedes Benz fashion week.


One of my passion's is tattoo removal. There are still people who think this is impossible; However, I'm here to assure you that tattoos are NOT forever and I'm here to make that impossibility a reality.  


I created Ag2G Laser Studio to bring you the best results in the market with top of the line Picosure Laser Technology by Cynosure, and to provide you with not only the best technology but the education necessary to get you the best results.

German Hernandez

Cynosure Certified Laser Technician & Owner of Ag2G Tattoo Removal Studio

German is the owner of Ag2G Tattoo Removal Laser Studio. He is highly educated as a Cynosure Certified Laser Technician and has a natural talent for working with laser technology. His attentiveness to detail is what makes him such a highly requested technician, along with his courteous & respectful disposition towards our clients. 

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